Dik-Dik - a tale of a monogamous mammal

Dik-Dik - a tale of a monogamous mammal

Dik-Dik: a Tale of a Monogamous Mammal

Dik-Diks are one of the four species of dwarf antelopes, that roams the arid zones of Eastern Africa. Besides their cute and odd name, Dik-Diks are also extremely cute. Forget about Bambi for one second, just look at them!

Dik-Diks are among the smallest antelopes running on this planet. There are four different species of Dik-Diks. The largest Dik-Diks, are named Kirk’s (yea Kirk the Dik-Dik, isn’t life wonderful?) stands only 35-45cm tall and they can weigh up to 7.2 kg. On average a Dik-Dik can live up to 10 years.

Lifelong lovers

What’s pretty wonderful about these cute pies is that Dik-Diks lives in monogamous pairs on territories stretching 1 to 35 hectares. Before you want to educate your boyfriend or girlfriend on the way Dik-Diks don’t cheat, you might want to read the following paragraph first.

Dik-Diks have incorporated a rather strange ritual to declare their love to one other, namely with dung and urine. Yea, Dik-Diks are cute as hell, but they won’t win the super hygienic award just yet. It goes as follows: Once a Dik-Dik reaches the age of maturity, a Dik-Dik will excrete first, followed by the male, who samples the female’s urine stream (to quickly assess the female’s reproductive condition). If this goes well, the male paws over and marks his dung and urine over her deposit, and with this a lifelong bond has been made. 

Even though we know the mysophobians amongst us are probably puking in their mouths right now, we see this gesture as a very romantic sign of love. So gents, next time you want to declare your love to your significant other, you know what to do! 

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