The Narwhal - Be so unique they think you're a myth

The Narwhal - Be so unique they think you're a myth

The Narwhal

Narwhal populations are hovering around 75,000 which means they are considered Near Threatened by the IUCN, and without appropriate protection could continue to decline. Their populations are threatened by hunting, climate change and industrial activity, and narwhals are actively hunted in Canada and Greenland to this day. Scientists fear climate change could have an impact on narwhal habitats, but the effects thus far are uncertain. Due to their narrow geographic distribution and very specialised feeding and habitat choice, shifts in ice pack could significantly impact narwhal population health. According to the IUCN, it is unclear whether the ban on trade in narwhal ivory between Greenland and Denmark is even enforced.

We must make certain that these ‘Unicorns of the Sea’ are protected, that their tusks do not join the tusks of other animals in the illegal wildlife trade, and that we are monitoring the impact of diminishing ice pack on their habitats, breeding and hunting grounds. 

Enters ‘Face Animals Helping Extinction’, a not-for-profit organization that supports policies nationwide at the state and federal levels that will protect Earth’s most precious wildlife.  The best way to protect our planet’s endangered wildlife is to ensure that strong laws are in place and that severe penalties are levied against the criminals who deal in wildlife trafficking.  Humans are the reason that so many of our most iconic and important wildlife are struggling to survive, and together, humans can work to save them.

The race against extinction is urgent and immediate, and the campaign to protect these endangered and exploited species needs your financial support and commitment.  Your support allows us to make an impact in saving endangered animals.  Funds raised will be used to support ballot measures, lobbying efforts, and other advocacy activities in support of laws protecting endangered species.

Together, we can make a real difference in saving animals facing the threat of extinction :

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