Tree Kangaroo - the special brother of our Aussie friends

Tree Kangaroo - the special brother of our Aussie friends

Tree Kangaroo - the special brother of our Aussie friends


In forest of towering trees covered in moss and ferns lives an elusive and remarkable animal: the tree kangaroo. Judging by the name, you are probably imagining a cute kangaroo swinging in trees right now. Well, you are not entirely wrong. Tree Kangaroo’s do indeed live in trees, but their appearance is closer to a bear than to a kangaroo. We assume that our Australian friends named these animals after a very successful trip to the local pub, ahum.


The tree kangaroo also received the name ‘The Ghost of the Forest’ by locals as they are so hard to find and moves quickly through the trees. On the ground, tree kangaroos are slow and kinda clumsy. They move at human walking pace and hop very awkwardly, leaning their body far forward to balance their heavy tail. However, in trees, they are bold and agile animals! They are also expert leapers: the record currently stands at a 9-meter downward jump from one tree to another! Moreover, these animals are well-protected against long falls as they have the extraordinary ability to jump to the ground from 18 meters or more without being hurt!



The Tree Kangaroo – Your spirit animal?

The Tree Kangaroos character is described as relaxed and leisurely. Definitely something we can get onboard with. They sleep around 60% of the time, curling up in whatever tree they happen to be in. Furthermore, they cannot be bothered by any drama and basically live on a live-and-let-live sort of life. Yea you do you my friend.

The tree kangaroo has a thick, dense fur that is kind of reddish on the back. Thanks to the tannins in the leaves it chews, the tree kangaroo’s coat has got its reddisch colors. The tree kangaroo’s coat helps the animal in two ways: first of all, it is thick enough to keep the animal insulated against the damp weather and secondly it helps him to camouflage it against predators including humans!

The tree kangaroo has a rather small home range and can only be found in New Guinea. As the name suggest, the tree kangaroo spend most of its time in trees. Tree kangaroos are folivorous, which means they are specialized in eating leaves from a variety of forest trees, vines orchids, shrubs and herbs. Although you can also catch this cutie pie chew on some fruit and flowers, and even tree bark!

Danger danger

The tree kangaroos are an endangered species with an estimated wild population of less than 2,500 individuals. The two most significant threats to tree kangaroos are both man-maded: habitat loss and hunting. Unfortunately, the tree kangaroo’s habitat are being destroyed or replaced by logging and timber production, along with coffee, rice and wheat production. This on turn, made tree kangaroos more exposed to predators such as dogs or vehicles.  

This is very sad news but not all is lost! To help this little fella we need to make sure to halt the destruction of New Guinea forest. Even though New Guinea occupies only less than 0,5% of world’s land surface, it supports a high percentage of global biodiversity: 4% of the world’s lizards and mammals, to about 10% of the world’s fish species. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure we act now! And that’s what on Otterly Different’s agenda!

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