In today’s world, people and animals are living closer together than ever before, as people expand further into wild spaces. This has been causing clashes between people and wildlife, which most of the time, doesn’t end well for the animals.
There are currently 41,415 different species on the IUCN Red lists of which 16,306 are endangered species threatened with extinction. The current rate of extinction is also on the rise, with no future sight of ever slowing down.
These are alarming numbers, that are quite frightening, we know.  But hope is not lost for nature. Over the last century, passionate and committed people have pulled many animals back from the brink. So, the way we act today do makes a difference.
At Otterly Different we have been touched by these stories and decided it is time for us to chip in. One part of the solution is to create awareness around these animals. Most often these animals are not the most well-known, but they are different and truly exceptional in their own way. A characteristic we believe to be found in people as well.
And that’s how Otterly Different was born. We want to challenge you to be different and exceptional, just like capybaras and platypuses. We want to provide you with apparel that stands out, that is different.
Oh btw, did you know that 20% of our profits goes directly to organisations that are actively fighting animal extinction? This way you are not only helping these fella’s out by raising awareness but you’re also financially contributing to the fight against animal extinction!
Help us to save the animals.
Don’t be like the others, be an otter.
Otterly Different