Otterly Different's FAQ:

1: What payment options do you accept ?

We accept most common payment options: Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, BanContact, Crypto currency, AMEX, ...
If there is a payment option you want to use but can't, please contact otterlydifferentofficial@gmail.com 

2:  Do we ship worldwide ? 

Yes, we ship worldwide! Through our partner network, we ensure delivering to even the remotest places on earth!

3:  How long does it take for my order to arrive ?

Please check the Shipping policy for more info. Due to ecological production processes & shipping, we expect to deliver between 5 & 10 business days. 

4. How can I contact Otterly Different ? 

You can send us an email: otterlydifferentofficial@gmail.com or contact us through the website (see footer of the webpage). You can also chose the Millennial way and contact us through Instagram (@Otterlydifferent) or Facebook (@Otterlydifferentofficial).

5. What happens to my personal data & privacy ?

We are fully GDPR compliant and can adapt, change or delete all your personal data upon request. Feel free to read more about it in our privacy policy.